Buried Memories

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Directly after the first chlorine gas attack in Ieper, Belgium, the German army deployed the same deadly weapon on the Eastern front in May 1915 . The scale of the attack during the battle at Bolimów, Poland, was unprecedented: almost double the amount of chlorine gas was used in Bolimów than at Ieper, leaving thousands of people dead.

A hundred years later, Anna Zalewska, a Polish archaeologist, arrives at the banks of the River Rawka near Bolimów. To the naked eye, this area’s tragic past seems buried and forgotten. But as Anna identifies the lines of old trenches, she unearths human remains lying just under a thin layer of forest soil. When local people flock to the re-enactment of the historic battle, the past suddenly reveals its gruesome face with the pungent smell of chemical weapons, and the noise and chaos of combat. For Anna, too, her efforts bring the past alive for us in the present: “Archeology may put an end to certain traumas. What we have to show may be difficult and heartbreaking, but it can enrich us.”

Ich liebe Dich

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Kayvan Mohammad vividly remembers the Halabja chemical attack in 1988 and aftermath. To this day, Kayvan is not only scarred emotionally but continues to suffer physically from the events.

Kayvan faces his hardship with unfailing optimism and in doing so provides a simple but powerful message.

Despite his family’s military roots, Gerhard Freilinger decided as a young child that he would become a surgeon. One day in 1988, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Freilinger received an urgent request to go to Vienna’s international airport to take custody of Iranians and Kurds arriving from the Middle East who had survived chemical weapons attacks.

A Teachers Mission

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Chrétien Schouteten, a retired chemistry teacher, has spent most of his career being concerned about chemists’ responsibilities towards society. A scientist’s knowledge is a powerful tool that can serve many purposes, but what is the value of science to humanity without ethics? Continue reading

Fires – The Trailer

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Transmission of traumas, transmission of knowledge, transmission of awareness … they all are fires burning and growing through history and generations, linking the past to the present. Continue reading